Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Honors Johnny Cash as 2016 Music Master

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The "Man in Black" is back. Well, at least for one week in Cleveland, when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will acknowledge Johnny Cash as its 2016 Music Masters honoree.

The Music Masters series honors one legendary music figure every year. The Rock Hall puts on a week's worth of events, including films, lectures and exhibits, which culminates in an amazing tribute concert.

Cash receives the honor from the Rock Hall as a pioneer in not just country and rock music, but American culture. The tribute concert features all-star musicians from country, rock, punk and Americana. Performers include Sam Bush, The Oak Ridge Boys, Social Distortion's Mike Ness and more.

Even more special, Cash's son John Carter Cash will act as bandleader for the 21st annual event. Keyboardist Tony Harrell, who worked with Cash among many others, will also serve as director.

The Rock Hall went all-out for the evening, too. They've got Cash's tour bus "J.C. Unit One" available for fans to see and tour. And they're opening a major exhibit on the pioneer along with educational programs and interviews.

The whole event kicks off October 17, and the concert takes place October 21. Tickets are available from the Rock Hall's website. Since it's inception, the Music Masters series has honored several country stars, including Cash and Jimmie Rodgers.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Honors Johnny Cash as 2016 Music Master