Hear Rob Baird's Haunting New Song 'I Tried'

Eryn Brooke

Rob Baird's forthcoming album After All (out on Jan. 11 via Hard Luck Records) is a breakup record in the truest sense. The 10-track album explores the various stages of emotions that occur when a relationship ends, from denial to anger to eventual acceptance.

"I Tried," written by Baird and Burleson Smith, is the debut single from the record and reflects on those early stages of acceptance, when old feelings are rehashed and you finally start to realize you've put too much of yourself into a dead-end relationship.

"This song is all about a road trip we took to Marfa, TX. That's definitely where the going 55 down I-10 reference comes from," Baird says. "At it's core, this song is really about putting yourself out there knowing it probably isn't going to work out."

Listen to the track below.

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After All, produced by Rick Brantley, was recorded at East Nashville's Battletapes studio. The album is the follow-up to 2016's Wrong Side of the River.

The Memphis-native released his debut album Blue Eyed Angels in 2010.

'After All' Tracklist:

1. "After All"  (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith/ John Baumann)
2. "Losing Hands" (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith)
3. "Devil Woman Blues" (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith)
4. "Give Me Back My Love" (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith/ Z Lynch)
5. "Greedy Eyes" (Rob Baird/ David Whitbeck)
6. "Ain't Going Back to You" (Rob Baird/ Brian Douglas Phillips)
7. "I Tried" (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith)
8. "Burning Blue" (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith
9. "Green Grass" (Rob Baird/ David Whitbeck)
10. "Best That I Was" (Rob Baird/ Burleson Smith)


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Hear Rob Baird's Haunting New Song 'I Tried'