Would You Take a Roast Beef-Scented Bath?

In what has to be a whole new use of the term "au jus," this roast beef bath is designed to relax you and make you hungry at the same time. Amazon store Gears Out is offering a World Famous Roast Beef Sandwich Bath Soak and it might be the weirdest food scented product we've ever seen.

No need to stop at the corner deli for your fill of a French Dip, just add this meat lovers gift to your wish list and you'll be smelling like a delicious treat in no time. This weird pampering gift is just what the deli-man ordered whether you give it to gourmet sandwich aficionados or as a giggle-worthy addition to a spa gift basket, you are sure to get a hearty laugh or two (especially at the office white elephant gift exchange).

It's not the smell, which according to the description is a perfect mixture of brown sugar and fig fragrance. That doesn't exactly remind us of a roast beef sandwich, but it does seem like a pleasing bath scent. Which is great, because do you really want to spend $18 on your credit card to smell like the inside of an Arby's for the rest of the night?

roast beef bath


The bath water itself seems like it would be the most roast beef reminiscent, with the brown Mediterranean sea salt crystals creating what probably looks nothing like real au jus sauce, but is just brown enough to make you think of it.

The sellers note that: "This is the perfect bath soak to give as a housewarming gift, birthday present, silly white elephant exchange gift, stocking stuffer, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift or just because someone freaks over roast beef sandwiches."

There's only one review on the roast beef sandwich bath salts so far, but it's a definite thumbs up from the standpoint of a silly gag gift or funny stocking stuffer. "Perfect for secret Santa/white elephant. I laughed so hard when my recipient opened it up. Wish I could've seen how it smelled (brown sugar/fig sounds awesome) but alas."

The makers of the roast beef bath salts want you to know that this product is only for bath use; you should not actually use the roast beef bath water to dip anything but your body in. They include the instructions "DO NOT EAT" in the description and I'm so glad we got that cleared up.

This funny gag gift is a delicious new way to add a little bit of meat to your next special occasion. Add this lighthearted gift to your shopping list and you'll be sure to be the talk of the party for giving the best gift. Just leave the bread out of this premium pampering care package.

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