The Roadkill Cook-off in West Virginia Is a Once in a Lifetime Event for Wild Game Lovers

Have you ever heard of the Roadkill Cook-Off? In all my food adventures, I've never once heard about this wild game roadkill festival. It's a West Virginian tradition that highlights the region's unique game meats. Food Network and Travel Channel have even highlighted the unique festival. It's a raging good time for all and a chance to try some exotic dishes like black bear. The 2021 West Virginia Roadkill Cookoff will take place on September 25, 2021. It's already blowing up on social media and the news. If you're ready to try some unusual game meats and partake in one of the most unique festivals this country has to offer, you're going to want to attend.

History of the Roadkill Cook-Off

The Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce, in Pocahontas County, puts on this annual event. It's part of the annual Autumn Harvest Festival and takes place in the small town of Marlinton. The WV Roadkill Cook-Off features live music and a Miss Roadkill pageant. There's also a prize for the winner of the people's choice favorite dish. The first place winner gets a $1200 cash prize.

Roadkill Cook-Off Eats

While the game meats don't have to be actual roadkill, they do have to be animals that you would find on the side of the road, killed by a traffic accident. You may see foods like fried venison wontons, snapping turtle stew, teriyaki-marinated bear, and squirrel gravy over biscuits. Don't be surprised if the menu also includes possum, opossum, or groundhogs.

One of the main rules is that the meat cannot be pre-cooked. The contestants can cook in any style, whether it be BBQ, fried, stewed, or baked. The meat can be pre cut and pre-treated prior to the main event.

If you're interested in getting tickets or attending the event, go to pccocwv.com. There you will find all the information you need to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.