Two Old Ladies' Road Trip to Candle Store Comes to Bizarre/Hilarious End

Two ladies on a mission to find candles have found out the hard way that driving lost with the wrong GPS coordinates is a recipe for trouble. While looking for a candle supply store, the two followed their GPS instructions into a warehouse building complex. Unfortunately, their journey came to an abrupt end when the senior driving failed to see that the road in front of her was completely missing.

While talking to her friend, the driver creeps down an alley between two buildings. Unfortunately, she entered the alley the wrong way and wound off driving off into a loading-zone depression in the ground. The sudden drop off took both women by complete surprise.

Luckily, both ladies do sound just fine and appear to have exited their vehicle without further issue. But, I'm sure their car is a little worse for wear. Now over 1.3 million people have viewed their video and laughed at their crazy mistake.

When you play it all back, it's really easy to see how the women made the mistake they did. You can't see any signs warning of the drop, and the rain caused the open road to blend in with its surroundings. But, what's really amusing about the situation is the lady was still hell-bent on finding candle supplies that day. Bless their hearts!

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Two Old Ladies' Road Trip to Candle Store Comes to Bizarre/Hilarious End