Riley Strain's Preliminary Toxicology Report And Official Cause Of Death Revealed
Photo By Chris Dingman/Facebook

Riley Strain's Preliminary Toxicology Report And Official Cause Of Death Revealed

It's been almost three months since Riley Strain's body was recovered from the Cumberland River in West Nashville. Strain initially disappeared in early March after being kicked out of Luke Bryan's Luke's 32 Bridge bar for misconduct. The 22-year-old college student went to the bar with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers. That was the last time any of Strain's friends or family had heard from him.

Per NewsChannel 5, Strain's toxicology report finally came back. There's no evidence of trauma or indicators that Strain had been drugged. There are also no signs Strain was the victim of a crime.

"I've learned it took a while, but toxicology is now back. And with the completed autopsy, all indications are what happened was an accidental death and drowning," said NewsChannel 5's Nick Beres in a Facebook post. "Now, my understanding is the Medical Examiner's office did just receive some new information on the case and is still finalizing the official autopsy report — expected to be made public soon."

Riley Strain's Toxicology Report And Cause Of Death

Riley Strain's family still has a separate autopsy to be completed soon. There are lingering questions to be answered, such as the circumstances surrounding the state in which Strain was found. When he was recovered from the river, he didn't have his jeans or boots on. His wallet was also missing.

Strain's family still holds the belief that something just isn't adding up. Strain's stepfather, Chris Whiteid, spoke out about the family's suspicions previously.

"If he truly fell in the water, and you can prove that to me, show me," Whiteid said. "I'll accept it. But I can tell you from all the stuff that we've done as far as searching, looking, taking pictures — I don't feel like it's really possible to happen. He may have fallen. Somebody helped him in the water."

As far as where things currently stand, the last missing piece seems to be whatever comes of the family's independent autopsy. Until then, when we at Wide Open Country learn more regarding the ongoing case, we'll be sure to relay any updates to our readership.