Riley Strain's Family Question Why His Belt Didn't Secure His Pants
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Riley Strain's Family Question Why His Belt Didn't Secure His Pants

Riley Strain's family still has questions. While the police aren't treating the case as a homicide, there are still some oddities surrounding his death.

For one, Strain was missing his pants, shoes, and wallet. He also had very little water in his lungs. Now, the family discovered he was wearing a belt the night that he went missing. They're questioning how he could have possibly lost his pants in the river if he had a belt on.

Speaking with News Nation, family friend Chris Dingman said the family feels frustrated by these questions. The family said the pants would have hugged his body. They don't understand why Strain was missing several articles of clothing.

"Riley had a swimmer's body," Dingman told the outlet.  "(The belt) would have been snug to him, riding on his hips. ... As soon as we found out he had a belt on that night, (it) totally changes the dynamics of why those articles are missing."

Although the family laid Strain to rest, they still haven't found the closure they're seeking. The family want answers about what happened that night. "It's very brutal on the family right now. We're at the stage where we want answers. We're blessed to bring Riley home, but now, we want answers," Dingman added.

Medical Examiners Offer Theories on Riley Strain

Medical examiners have offered their own theories. Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden believes that there is no sign of foul play. He believes the clothing came off in the river.

He said, "Bottom line is, there's no evidence of any foul play here. The history is that he had been in a bar. The bartender says they only gave him one drink, but that's up to the toxicology report. However, it is common, despite some expert opinions, or individuals in rivers flow downstream to have... parts of their clothing taken off by, branches in the water, by rocks, by rubbing against hard objects, by boats — that will all take clothing off. So the fact that he lost his pants and boots is not at all evidence that he was having foul play."

Meanwhile, Dr. Bill Bass finds it to be odd that the body is missing its pants. His personal theory is someone removed the pants after Strain was already dead. He said, "It is unusual. Normally if you fall in the river, it's very difficult to get your pants off," Bass said. "No, they would not come off by themselves."