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2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

'Ride': Meet the Cast of Hallmark's New Western Rodeo Drama


The network may be revered for its Christmas cookie romances and heart-pumping mysteries, but the Hallmark Channel has put its stamp on the Western genre as well. Films such as JL Ranch, The Last Cowboy and Goodnight for Justice brought big names including Jon Voight, Bradley Cooper and Luke Perry to the small screen. And its latest foray into this classic American genre looks to be just as star-studded.

Ride follows the McMurray family, a rodeo dynasty of cattle ranchers in Colorado who are struggling to keep their ranch alive. In an effort to save it, one of the family's three sons starts competing in the rodeo circuit. But are the dangers of the arena worth the risk? The answer depends on whom you ask.

Let's meet the cast of Ride and find out their take on this family-centric drama.

Nancy Travis as Isabel McMurray

Nancy Travis

2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

As the matriarch of the McMurray family, Isabel McMurray is a fierce protector who raised her three sons all on her own after her husband, Dusty, passed away. As a full-time mom and full-time operator of the ranch, she's no stranger to hard work -- something the actress who plays her can certainly relate to.


"She doesn't do what she does for a pat on the back or a 'congratulations,'" Nancy Travis -- known for her roles in Last Man Standing and So I Married an Axe Murderer -- told Wide Open Country in an exclusive interview. "I think she's very much a work-a-day person, and for her, it's all about keeping her family close because they mean the world to her."

Beau Mirchoff as Cash McMurray

Beau Mirchoff

2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

Living in the shadow of his older brother, Cash McMurray spent most of his life staying out of the spotlight. But when the ranch is at risk of going under, the Marine veteran takes it upon himself to save his family's legacy by entering the rodeo and competing for big-money prizes -- oh, and he may harbor some unrequited love for his older brother's wife, Missy.

On playing such a passionate and determined character, actor Beau Mirchoff of Awkward fame told Pop Culturist: "He's someone who's struggling with bull riding, his family, his love life, and all of that. He's contending with who he is as a man at this point in his life." 

Tiera Skovbye as Missy McMurray

Tiera Skovbye

2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

Missy is more than just a wife to the infamous eldest son and bull-riding champion Austin McMurray -- she's a former rodeo queen and trick rider herself. She's still new to the ranch, but her deep knowledge of the competitive sport thrust her into the role of the family's on-site coach. Training Cash won't be easy, but this hard-working cowgirl never backs down from a challenge.


While former Riverdale actress Tiera Skovbye had ridden a horse a time or two, she didn't quite have the skill set to pull off her character's more daring stunts. "I didn't learn how to do a suicide drag," Skovbye told Wide Open Country. "That was a double that I had, and she was incredible. ... She has her own horse that she is so bonded with, and there's so much trust, and she takes such amazing care of this horse. That was really amazing to witness."

Sara Garcia as Valeria Galindo

Sara Garcia

2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

She may not have the McMurray name, but Valeria Galindo might as well be family. She's been working as a ranch hand for Isabel for years and, at this point, is more like a daughter than hired help. Her loyalty and fierce work ethic make her an integral part of the clan -- unless her mysterious past threatens to derail everything.

Actress Sara Garcia (who's appeared in shows including The Flash and The Bold Type) says that her character's ambition -- especially in a male-dominated field such as ranching -- is nothing short of admirable. "She's strong, she's independent, and she gives the boys a run for their money," Garcia told Pop Culturist. "She has big dreams and aspirations. That is what I connected with."

Jake Foy as Tuff McMurray

Jake Foy

2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

The baby brother of the McMurray trio, Tuff steps into the arena with Cash not as a fellow bull rider but as his bullfighter. While his nighttime gig is to keep Cash safe from the bull, during the day, he's working as the ranch's foreman and stealing a moment away for a song or two. But actor Jake Foy (who has Hallmark classics such as When Christmas Was Young and Love In Store on his resume?) says the best part about his character is his unwavering ability to be himself.


"This is a character that brings some new representation to Western stories," Foy told Digital Journal. "His character is not rooted in victimhood at all. Tuff is bravely himself, courageous and loyal, and those are traits that I value as an individual, and it is nice to bring to life another queer character who puts family, love, and loyalty first."

Tyler Jacob Moore as Gus Booker

Tyler Jacob Moore

2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Brown

Friend -- or foe? That's the question on everyone's minds when Gus Booker falls in love with the small town and starts looking for ways to buy up any of its valuable land, including the ranch. The mysterious and good-looking rich oil man oozes with charm but clearly has an agenda of his own. And his obvious interest in Missy puts him immediately at odds with Cash.

Actor Tyler Jacob Moore (best known for his role in Shameless) says riding that line of ambiguity is half the fun. "[He] could be completely genuine in his pursuit of wanting to be in this ranch life and the community and with Missy," Moore told Pop Culturist. "He's wildly infatuated with her and wants to be part of her life. It could be that he has some side intentions, but you'll have to tune in and find out."

How to Watch 'Ride'

And there you have it -- a cast full of passionate actors and characters who are ready to bring their all to Hallmark's newest Western drama. Ride premiered March 26, and new episodes will come out every Sunday. The new series is available to stream live on the Hallmark Channel on Peacock and is also available on demand the next day.


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