See Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Cha Cha on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Screengrab via YouTube

What’s former Texas Governor Rick Perry been up to since leaving office? He’s working on his Cha Cha.

Perry is a contestant on this season of Dancing With the Stars, which kicked off last night (Sept. 12). He’s working with Season 17 finalist Emma Slater. For their first dance, they learned the Cha Cha to “God Bless Texas” by Little Texas.

The set was styled after the Star Fair of Texas and featured a Ferris wheel, a la the Texas Star, a bunch of hokey dancers dressed in Western wear and a corn dog stand. Yes, it’s all very corny.

Perry didn’t do half bad. Watch his first dance in the clip below.

So what’s the real reason Perry doing on a show like Dancing With the Stars? He says he wants to use the show’s massive audience to bring attention to the veterans issues. Perry has done a lot of work for vets, including launching the Texas Veterans Initiative, College Credit for Heroes and Veterans Affairs Strike Force.

“It gives me a conduit, a huge audience of people, who would never hear me most likely, talk about these veterans issues we have in this country,” Perry said in a promo for the show.

He also said he needs to brush up on his dance moves for his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

“I need to be able to look really good for her on the dance floor,” said Perry.

Let’s just hope he learns the Fox Trot better than the federal agencies of government.

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See Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Cha Cha on ‘Dancing With the Stars’