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This Rural Texas County is the Richest in the United States

You may think the richest county in America is in New York or Calfornia, but that's just not the case. It's actually hiding in rural Texas.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Bloomberg recently gathered information on last year's federal tax returns to discover the U.S. county with the highest adjusted gross income.

So who came out as the richest county? The analysis shows that McMullen County, located northwest of Corpus Christi, is the breadwinner for its average adjusted gross income. It came in at a whopping $303, 717 in 2015.

Now, that's pretty incredible. Surprisingly, the average adjusted gross income for New York County, home to the bustling city of Manhattan, only came in at $210,233. Who knew a county like McMullen could beat out the city that never sleeps?

The fourth highest-ranking county also went to Texas' Glasscock County, located right outside Midland.

For many Texans, this news doesn't really come as a surprise. Many who have grown up in rural Texas understand the oil business and how it can bring great fortune.

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The Chronicle reports that experts who track rural land prices say that values have gone up over the years. This is because many wealthy Texans are buying up property for country retreats.

Although rural counties seem to have taken this competition by a landslide, many other counties in Texas still have a fairly high average adjusted income. Fort Bend, Midland, Collin and Rockwall County are among some of the highest incomes in the state.

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