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The 5 Best Reusable Straws That Will Make You Ditch The Plastic

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According to National Geographic, over half of the world's entire plastic production has occurred in the last 15 years alone. This is a tragedy when you consider how much of that single-use plastic ends up as waste floating around our land and oceans (Nat Geo estimates about 8 million tons enter the seas each year). For this reason, many individuals and businesses out there have taken a pledge to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic products, whether that means ditching grocery bags, using refillable water bottles, or carrying their own coffee mugs around. Whether you are a dedicated zero-waster, or have just begun to raise your eco-consciousness, the best reusable straws are something that can help you meet your goals. 

These days, there is a lot of thought going into the design of reusable straws. Yes, you can get them in stainless steel, but if you have temperature sensitivity, there are also food-safe silicone styles that are easy to clean. And most brands come with easy carrying cases so you can keep your straw stashed in your purse, pocket, backpack, or glove box without it getting dirty. Has your favorite eatery made a business pledge to stop selling straws? Maybe you've been following the Be Straw Free movement since its inception over a decade ago, or perhaps you are tired of paper straws dissolving on you halfway through your iced latte. Whatever your varying reasons for needing a reusable straw, one thing stays true: it makes sense to carry them around these days. After all, as the saying goes, "waste not, want not."  Check out our picks below:

1. The Easiest Reusable Straws to Clean


FORI Reusable Silicone Snap Straws (Set of 8) - Amazon, $11.99

For many, one of the biggest reasons for not utilizing reusable straws is that they can be so hard to clean. FORI's food-grade nine-inch silicone snap straws see to that concern. A seem runs down the center of the straw, which makes it easy to open them up and scrub the insides thoroughly. You may find yourself worrying that a long snap down the center would be liable to leaking, but fear not. This writer can personally attest to the effectiveness of this straw. It is totally mess-free, no matter what you're drinking. That said, the width is pretty comparable to a normal straw, and so being sort of narrow, the material can sometimes be difficult to work with if you're slurping a smoothie or shake. Still, the silicone is totally scentless and tasteless, and the benefit of making sure there's nothing left in the straw after you've finished drinking is priceless.

2. The Best Stainless Steel Reusable Straws


SipWell Extra Long Stainless Steel Drinking Straws (Set of 4) - Amazon, $8.99

SipWell is the most well-reviewed stainless steel straw on Amazon for a reason. They're specifically designed for the 30-ounce YETI tumbler, but they will fit any similarly designed travel cup as well. Made from 18/8 steel, these straws are scratch- and rust-proof and come with a cleaning brush included — though they are dishwasher safe for good measure. They're simple, stylish, and long-lasting — and exactly what you need to reduce your dependence on wasteful plastics. 

3. The Best Portable Reusable Straw


ZOKU Reusable Pocket Straw, Telescopic Stainless Steel - Amazon, $9.99

Most reusable straws aren't collapsible, so you may end up using plastic straws when you're out at a bar or restaurant. To solve that problem, turn to the ZOKU telescopic straw. Other portable or collapsible options for reusable straws, which come with an inside silicone liner and steel shell, can be a nuisance. Hard to repackage correctly once you've assembled them; the complications of these models defeat the purpose of a portable straw. 

Not ZOKU. The telescopic design extends from four to over nine inches in length and comes with a case that's small enough to fit in a pocket (though there is a ring that can attach to your keys instead). The silicone mouthpiece is functional for hot or cold beverages and can be easily scrubbed with an included cleaning brush. 

4. The Best Multi-Pack of Portable & Reusable Straws  

OXO Reusable and Portable Straw


OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Set with Case (Set of 6) - Amazon, $19.95

Chances are, you already have a piece of OXO Good Grips kitchen equipment in your home. The brand makes some of the most reliable tools and utensils on the market, and now, some of the best reusable straws out there too. Sometimes, sipping on metal can be an unpleasant experience. High-temperature drinks are too hot, and cold drinks freeze your teeth and throat. However, there is something especially cool about this four-pack of portable straws (besides being great for travel and for families). 

OXO has created a product that is the best of two models: the straw's sturdy body is made from high-grade stainless steel, but the tip is of food-safe silicone. The result is a reusable straw with an adjustable length (10.5" in total). A pipe cleaner is included for easy scrubbing, and there is a sleek, hardback carrying case that slips right into your bag.

5. The Best Straws for Smoothies and Other Thick Drinks


HIWARE Jumbo Reusable Boba & Smoothie Straws (Set of 2) - Amazon, $4.99

Besides their ability to reduce your use of plastics, the thing that all of our selections for best reusable straws have in common thus far is that each one mimics the width of a normal plastic piece. However, that is not the case with the HIWARE model. Not only does this jumbo straw have a unique angled lip, but it is also extra-wide in diameter. That makes it perfect for big pearls of boba, but also thicker drinks like smoothies or milkshakes. Although the downside is that it may be too big for your tumbler, the high-quality, dishwasher-safe steel can help keep plastics out of your mouth. That's a fair trade for us.

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