Returning Soldier Surprises Mom and Dad During Puck Drop

Screengrab via YouTube

A ceremonial puck drop; that's what Eitan and Ronit Urman thought they were doing at the season closer for the Arizona Coyotes hockey team. However, more than just the puck dropped during this pre-game ritual -- a proverbial bomb, a couple of jaws, tears, a father and son, and, eventually, that puck all dropped in their own ways.

The Urmans are season ticket holders for the Arizona Coyotes, so, clad in team gear, the two walked the red carpet onto the ice, expecting for this to be a run of the mill game starting moment. Instead, they received the surprise of a lifetime. After introducing the couple, the announcer shared that they had a special guest delivering the game puck to the ice. He continued, "Please direct your attention to the Coyotes' tunnel and welcome home from Afghanistan, your son, Sergeant Dan Urman!"

Sergeant Urman started running toward his parents, at which point he was met by his excited father. The two hugged and dropped to the ice, never losing contact with one another. Mrs. Urman welcomed her son home gently, obviously overwhelmed and shocked by his appearance.

What went from a couple of hockey fans dropping the puck together in a routine ceremony turned into an unexpected and beautiful family affair.

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Returning Soldier Surprises Mom and Dad During Puck Drop