These Awesome Retro Truck Commercials Will Take You Back in Time

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Today’s truck commercials have too much happening all at once.

Most ads seem more concerned with being clever rather than getting to the point. The music can be too loud, the information can be misleading — it’s altogether just too much sometimes.

If only truck commercials of today were a little more like the ads of yesteryear. Back in the day, there were no frills. Instead, they got straight to point on what they were selling you. Fuel economy, durability, payload capabilities, 4-wheel drive – that was it. No talk about Sirius XM radio, lifestyle this, aspirations that. Just the straight facts.

These old-school Ford truck commercials are the way they should be, a practical showcase of the truck’s features and that’s it. Want to know if the frame of your truck can take a hit? Then we’ll just drop it from a crane.

Wondering which truck has the best 4-wheel drive capabilities? Alright, watch this 1981 Ford 4×4 climb up “cinderblock mountain” like it’s nothing. Still don’t believe it has best in class 4-wheel suspension? Okay, we’ll send it up this log mountain next.

The commercials involved more effort and action than the heavily edited ads for today’s trucks. Take a look for yourself, and be sure to watch until the end, because there’s one stunt you don’t want to miss.

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These Awesome Retro Truck Commercials Will Take You Back in Time