5 Retro Record Players That Will Take You Back in Time

There's something different about unwinding at the end of a long day and cranking up the record player to listen to your favorite tunes. The sound quality is just different from listening digitally, and pulling a favorite album out of its dust cover is almost therapeutic. You get to hear the music how it was recorded with no digital alterations.


If you've been eying other people's record players and weren't sure where you'd put one in your home, it's easy! Set up your own music station on a side table with the record player on top and a section for your records on the bottom. You can even use a bar cart as a way to keep everything together in a smaller space. For those really wanting to take their music to the next level, set up an entire credenza with extra speakers to hook up to your turntable. 

These are our five favorite retro record players to put on display in your home. And they can all be found on Amazon.

1. Portable Turntable with Aux-In and Bluetooth from Crosley 

This vinyl record player really makes a statement since you don't need to find a stand to put it on. All you need is a rack to put underneath or next to this table to hold all of your favorite records. It also has some solid reviews online, like this one from Amazon user, Phryne.

."It's got a very mod vibe without the huge price tag of a for real vintage player, and I personally think it sounds great, much louder than the portable briefcase Crosley. The legs come off too if you wish to make your hipster friends jealous at a party."

Buy this on Amazon here.

2. This Classic Bluetooth Record Player with USB Encoding and 3-Speed Turntable from Victrola

This vinyl player is brand new but really nails that retro-style. It comes in different shades of brown as well as white. As if playing records wasn't enough, it also includes a CD player, cassette player, FM radio, and 3.5mm aux-in. You even get your own remote control!

Buy this on Amazon here.

3. This 3-Speed Turntable Bluetooth Record Player from Kedok 

We love the vintage feel of this record player's speakers, but the clear top gives it an upgraded modern design. The best part is if you don't feel like playing something from your vinyl collection, you can use the Bluetooth capabilities to play digital music from your phone. 

Buy this on Amazon here

4. Suitcase Turntable with Bluetooth & USB from ClearClick

The wooden design of this suitcase record player gives it that special vintage look, and it's small enough that it would be the perfect addition to your home if you don't have a lot of room for a record player. The round design makes it a bit more unique than some of the rectangular suitcase styles that you generally see. This high-quality option comes with a full 3-Year Warranty as well. 

Buy this on Amazon here.

5. Victrola 50's Retro 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

If you want something that looks like it's from another time, look no further than this retro design. The external speakers make it feel like it's in a '50s diner. It's a fun option to blast all your favorite old records.

Buy this on Amazon here.

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