Butlers in the Buff
Milton Lodge Retirement Home/ Facebook

Retirement Home Ladies Treated to Butlers in the Buff

If you've never heard of "butlers in the buff" it's an... interesting phenomenon. Basically, a group of gorgeous, semi-naked men (only wearing an apron and a bow tie) will be your party butlers for the night. They'll serve drinks, mix cocktails, help with party games, or whatever else you need — they're your naked butlers, they do what you say. Naked.

They're a pretty great addition to your party if you're looking for some eye candy at a divorce party or some laughs at a bridal shower or bachelorette party. But would you guess that these buff butlers also work parties at retirement communities? Oh, these nude Nigels will gladly give the grey hairs goosebumps.

In Colchester, Essex they did just that. According to The Sun, Milton Lodge resident, Joan Corp consistently joked about wanting a man around. Her wish came true when the activities coordinator hired some naked butlers to serve a three-course dinner to 11 residents and their daughters and granddaughters for the night. The Milton Lodge team was unsurprised when cheeky Joan requested the group, but how fun is that? Joan is totally who I want to grow up to be.

The pictures are equal parts hilarious and charming, watching the sweet residents get some laughs from their semi-naked butlers. You can tell how much fun everyone is having. The Sun even says that resident Doll Jenkins (aged 99) wants to have the group back for her 100th birthday.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to secure a similar group in the United States. If you're in the market for a group of some of the hottest men to serve you there are tons of options (go grab your credit card!). Charity events or girls nights could have some hilarious party games with some naked butlers there to assist. Not sure this would work for any corporate events, let's keep it somewhat classy.

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