Rescuers Save Dozens of Drowning Horses from Raging Houston Floodwaters


Rescue workers in Texas braved rising floodwaters in order to save dozens of horses from drowning.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has declared a state of emergency as historic levels of flooding continues to hit the Houston area. As resources went toward saving residents from their flooded homes, many of their farm animals were left to fend for themselves.

High waters surrounded the Cypress Trail Horse Stables on April 18, causing many horses to be swept into the water and some became tangled in wire fences. According to KHOU, nearly 100 horses from the stable were spotted by residents as they struggled to keep above water. Rescue teams from the Texas Animal Health Commission were called to the scene and were able to pull the horses from danger.

Harris County judge Ed Emmet updated local residents on the situation through a post on his Facebook page later that day. “For those of you that may have seen the news reports of horses trapped in the water at Cypress Trails Equestrian Center, all but a few of the horses have been rescued or have been seen on higher ground,” he shared. “3 or 4 are still loose but don’t appear to be in grave danger.”


It’s unclear just how many horses were rescued and the number that lost their lives in the flood. Residents are preparing for additional downpours to head into the area this week, which will keep waters high for days to come.

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Rescuers Save Dozens of Drowning Horses from Raging Houston Floodwaters