This Rescued Puppy Loves Bath Time More Than Anything Else [VIDEO]


There’s something innocent and heartwarming about newborn puppies that causes an instant tug to your heartstrings every time you see one. They can be doing the most common of tasks, like eating or playing with a toy, but still somehow manage to completely brighten your day. This video of a tiny pup enjoying his bath has gone viral because of his obvious adorable qualities and the touching backstory of how he was rescued from the streets.

The tiny puppy was abandoned in a dumpster with his two sisters, but was rescued by the kind souls at DFW Rescue Me. Claire Fowler, a volunteer, helped bathe the pup who was covered in fleas and decided to record the moment of his first bath. As the warm water runs over the tiny animal who barely fills two handfuls, you can see him stretch out and relax as though he has no cares in the world. It’s clear to see he’s beyond appreciative of the love and care that has been given to him by all the workers and volunteers at the Dallas non-profit. No longer does he have to worry about itchy bites and scavenging for food. Instead, he can kick back and enjoy a life full of hugs, love and lots of warm baths.

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This Rescued Puppy Loves Bath Time More Than Anything Else [VIDEO]