Remarkable Lost-And-Found Story of Inseparable Dog and Pig Duo [WATCH]

We've all heard the saying "opposites attract", but it looks like that even applies to the animal kingdom. Just wait until you hear the story of this unlikely duo.

According to Fox 13, volunteers with Lost and Found Pets of Hillsborough County were shocked to find a dog and pig wandering around the Florida wilderness together. When workers tried to place the dog in their truck to be transported, the pig made it clear he was not going to let them be separated. He could only be silenced by being kept near the dog, which baffled the volunteers. They decided to keep the two together and brought them back to safety.

Soon after, owner Willie Landry contacted the group and explained that they were his pets. Petey the Pig and his furry best friend, K 2, had escaped out of their owner's fence a day earlier. Landry explained that the pig had grown up alongside K 2 and another dog, so Petey has always assumed he's part of the pack. Now, the unlikely pair is safely back at home where they belong.

"They're family," Landry said tearily. "I'm just glad to have them back home."

Click below to see more about K 2 and Petey's unlikely friendship and adventure.

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Remarkable Lost-And-Found Story of Inseparable Dog and Pig Duo [WATCH]