Lyndsay Burginger

10 Food Scraps from Your Kitchen That Regrow in Water

Wouldn't it be nice to always have some fresh produce on hand. What if I told you that you can, and it wouldn't cost you anything extra. How so? Simple, save your scraps. Turns out those ends that you thought were useless can save you money, and a trip to the grocery store.

Green onion, lettuce, and garlic chives: These are a few food scraps that have the magical capability to regenerate. By placing the ends in a jar of water, you can regrow your own produce at home - no dirt required.

While this may not be groundbreaking news, it is the type of mindset that can help in food conservation. According to End Food Waste Now, it is estimated that 40 percent of our food winds up being wasted. That's 40 percent of our money and resources winding up in the landfill. Although it is inevitable that a portion of our food will not make it to the plate, regrowing a few scraps is a step in the right direction.

Do yourself and the environment a favor, and regrow these eight kitchen scraps.

1. Garlic Chives

When your garlic starts sprouting green, don't chuck it in the garbage! Once garlic begins to sprout it loses flavor, but the chives are ripe for the picking.

Put the bulb in a small amount of water and watch the chives grow.

2. Green Onion / Scallions

Regrowing green onions is foolproof. All you have to do is place the bottom inch, with roots, in an inch of water. That's it.

You'll have green onion on hand and will avoid the bunch going bad before it's used.

3. Leeks

The same way you regrow green onions, you can regrow your leeks. Given they are in the same family - although larger and sweeter in flavor - I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise.

Put your jar in the windowsill for the best results.

4. Romaine Lettuce

Before you make your salad, cut the bottom off your head of lettuce.

Place it in an inch of water and magically after a handful of days the lettuce will begin to grow.

5. Cabbage

Just as you did with the lettuce, the same can be done with a head of cabbage.

Before long, you'll be able to make all the sauerkraut you can eat.

6. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is as simple to grow as green onions.

Cut the bottom off the stalks, place in a jar of water, and let the lemongrass do its thing.

7. Bok Choy

Regrow your own bok choy by slicing off the bottom and placing it in a bowl of water. You will notice growth within a few days.

Be sure to keep the water fresh, changing it out when needed.

8. Celery

Before you pull the stalks apart, cut off the base and place it in a jar of water. While you won't have a full grown stalk overnight, after a few days you will see new growth.

With celery on hand, your hummus will never be lonely.


While this one takes years to fruit, it's a fun project and can be used to decorate your room among your other houseplants. Stick toothpicks in the avocado pit and place it halfway in a glass of water. Once roots grow, transfer it to a pot with potting soil and watch it grow!

Carrot Tops

What's up doc? Regrow carrot tops (also known as carrot greens) in a shallow pan of water. While this doesn't grow a new carrot, you can use the tops to make a pretty mean carrot top pesto.

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