This Ingenious Life Hack Might Save Your Life in an Emergency

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This redneck life hack will change the way you look at a can of tuna.

When packing an emergency kit, most people throw in things like flashlights or matches in case a source of light is needed. But what about a can of tuna? Surprisingly, in just a few seconds you can turn a small container of fish into a lifesaving lamp. If you are without light in an emergency, here's a cheap and easy way to create a makeshift oil lamp.

The process is simple. Cut a hole in the center of the tuna can and stick a piece of rolled up paper towel or piece thread you might have on hand inside the hole. Next, simply light the end of the thread and enjoy your makeshift lamp.

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Here's a tip - make sure the tuna is in vegetable oil and not water or your lamp won't last very long. An added bonus of this trick is that the tuna is still edible, even after the fire goes out. Take a look at the video above from YouTuber Grant Thompson for complete instructions on how to make one for yourself.

So the next time you can't find a flashlight, try out this fun life hack and light things up.

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This Ingenious Life Hack Might Save Your Life in an Emergency