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The 15 Foods You Cannot Eat in Public with Dignity

There are just some foods you can't eat in quiet places, like potato chips or an apple. Other foods, however, you can't eat in public. At the risk of being caught photographed on someone's smartphone today with one of these hilarious and often promiscuous foods, we compiled the best answers from the AskReddit thread started by user lauralovegrove.

I bet more than a few of these will ring a bell with some of you, so feel free to comment below about your own worst food to eat in public. Now, onto the best ones.

1. Rob Lowe knows best.

2. Can someone pass the napkins?

3. The taco problem.

4. Perfect buffet advice.

5. Crumb City: Population 1

6. The banana problem.

7. Need a toothpick?

8. Handfuls on handfuls of popcorn.

9. Wait, meatball buckets?!

10. Everything on a Texas barbecue menu, basically.

11. Salads are the enemy.

12. Apparently beards are like mops.

13. A childhood favorite.

14. Finally a fruit on the list.

15. Do your thing, dude!

Which of these do you most agree with? Elote is nearly impossible to eat with dignity, and don't even suggest getting it in a cup to go! That is not the way we do things here.

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