6 People Share the Most Expensive Ingredient They Accidentally Bought

Certain foods are expensive. We know this, and yet we still get caught unaware sometimes. If you want Brazil nuts, know that you'll pay an arm and a leg per pound for them. If you want a can of beans, though, you can rest assured that it shouldn't cost you more than a dollar.

A thread on Reddit showcases cases when people bought something inadvertently. In it, home cooks share the most expensive ingredient they accidentally bought.

1. Pomelos


Pomelos are, essentially, grapefruits. One unlucky chef found out the hard way, though, that they're much more expensive than a grapefruit. The price of one pomelo is roughly that of twelve grapefruits.

2. Pine Nuts

Oh, Costco. We love you so. Generally speaking, everything is labeled pretty clearly in Costco. One Reddit chef, however, fell victim to some mislabeled pine nuts. Once she got to the cash register, her pride took over and she had to follow through with the purchase.

3. Saffron

Saffron is something you see on menus every now and again. Did you know, though, that it averages a higher price than gold does? While a little goes a long way, it's probably good to know that the stuff is very pricey.

4. Clam Juice

Who would've guessed that, of all things, clam juice could be so expensive? One Reddit chef found this out while making a pot of clam chowder. It wound up being a nearly $50 dish!

5. Cabbage


It doesn't get much more basic than cabbage. Apparently, though, it can come at a premium in certain places.

6. Raw Milk

We've all been there. You're walking around the grocery store minding your own business when all of the sudden unwanted attention comes your way. You grab whatever you can, mutter something like "OK bye," and walk away. One Reddit chef saw some unfortunate consequences because of this happening in the milk aisle.

Have you ever accidentally spent too much on an exotic (or standard) ingredient? We'd love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments. We promise that we'll try not to laugh too hard.

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