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Red Lobster's Secret Menu is Full of Tasty Options

Red Lobster has been bringing seafood to landlocked parts of the country for over 50 years now. Known for specialties like their cheddar bay biscuits and events like Lobsterfest, this seafood restaurant is beloved by families across the country. The chain has been surprising customers with new favorites in the past few years, including twists on classic dishes. However, one of the lesser-known perks of this American favorite is the Red Lobster secret menu, which is full of menu hacks and delicious options you don't want to miss.

What to Eat on the Red Lobster Secret Menu

Unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits are a must. They're so popular they actually have their own Facebook page. (And fortunately, you can buy cheddar bay biscuit mix at the grocery store.) This cheesy, addicting side makes any meal more delicious, but you're always left wanting more. The good news is, you can ask your server for more and they'll bring you an extra helping at no cost. Plus, if you ask nicely for extra cheese, you'll get an extra-cheesy side of Cheddar Bay Biscuits, making this secret menu hack one of the best.

All the Specials You Miss

One of the lesser-known options on the Red Lobster secret menu is the specials. We're all familiar with the experience of falling in love with a restaurant's special, only to be faced with disappointment and sadness when you show up one day and a new one has replaced it. If this happens to you at Red Lobster, not to worry. 

Just ask your server for your favorite past special, and chances are that they'll be happy to acquiesce. Although there is a possibility that this secret menu hack won't work every time, as long as the kitchen still has the ingredients, they'll be happy to whip up your favorite special even if it's no longer advertised.

Grilled or Steamed, It's Up to You

This special menu item is less of a new item and more of an added possibility. If you're craving lobster but are tired of your classic steamed lobster, ask your server to have it grilled instead. This option isn't advertised on the menu, but in most cases the kitchen will happily make you a grilled lobster instead of a steamed one. 

Onion Strings With Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce

You'll often see onion strings as a topping for entrees at Red Lobster, but it turns out you can enjoy these crispy, delicious strings on their own! Just ask your server for onion strings as an appetizer to have a whole plate of them to yourself. To bring this secret menu item up a notch, ask for a side of peach bourbon BBQ sauce to dip them in. Once you try this, we assure you that you'll order it every time.

Gluten-free Menu Items

In life, you rarely get what you want if you don't ask for it. There's no gluten-free menu at Red Lobster, however, you can order almost anything at Red Lobster gluten-free. Simply ask your server to make your meal gluten-free, and in most cases, they can do so with a few small modifications. This way, no gluten intolerance will keep you from enjoying all of the deliciousness that Red Lobster has to offer! However, the kitchen isn't gluten free, so depending on the severity of your intolerance, you may have to leave Red Lobster for the rest of us to enjoy.