Red Dirt Country Singer Josh Grider Releases New EP, ‘Brokedown'

Red dirt county singer Josh Grider released a brand new EP all about revisiting his roots.

Grider's eighth studio release, Brokedown, dropped July 28 on iTunes. Unlike his previous two releases, Brokedown features a more rough, raw and unpolished sound, similar to his 2005 debut album.

"Anyone who has followed my career from the get go knows I'm not afraid to take a left hand turn from the right hand lane," Grider said in a statement. "After two albums with pretty slick production, I wanted to do something a little more organic."


The new EP was co-produced by Grider and his longtime songwriting partner Bobby Hamrick. Grider says the seven new tracks are very personal and keep a focus on the more emotional, sometimes darker, sides of life.

"I love all these songs, and for those who dig something a little more personal and chilled out... this one is for you."

Josh Grider has been a constant figure on the southwest touring circuit for over 10 years and currently has shows scheduled throughout Texas during the next few months. A full list of upcoming tour dates has been posted at his official website.

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Red Dirt Country Singer Josh Grider Releases New EP, ‘Brokedown'