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Blast to the Past With These Vintage Recipe Cards

Think back to the first time you cooked a meal without your mother's or grandmother's help. Did you have the recipe memorized, or did you follow the instructions from a recipe card? If it was a family recipe, it might have been on an index card.

Surely, your grandmother's famous retro buttermilk biscuit recipe isn't online. If it's one of a kind, your grandma probably went through many trials and errors before she got it just right. Once she perfected the recipe, I bet she wrote it down on a 4x6 recipe card to put in her recipe box or recipe organizer.

Before people had the luxury of buying cookbooks from Food Network stars or Google, home cooks had to be experimental in the kitchen or used the same ol' recipes passed down from their family. It was even a housewarming gift to be given double-sided recipe cards with your family favorites written down.

Only the most loved dishes made it to the recipe card box or recipe binder. Once children and grandchildren asked their family for recipes, you can bet that these special women had a recipe book or wood recipe box full of recipes and recipe card dividers.

Nowadays, if I want a family recipe, I can text or call my mom for it. Of course, we can blame technology for overlooking the significance of recipe cards. If you get flustered going through text messages for recipes, or even internet bookmarks, it's time to blast to the past with a DIY recipe scrapbook or card box.

You won't even need to splurge on the supplies. Here's a list of some kitchen recipe card essentials that you'll need.

Some websites such as CookBook People even offer free printable recipe cards that can be personalized. The card templates make it easy to make vintage recipe cards on your computer.

1. Nuah Prints Double-Sided Cards 4x6 Inch, Set of 50

With 50 cards, you'll have more than enough paper to write down your favorite recipes.

2. Juvale Wood Recipe Organization Box with Cards and Dividers, 7.1 x 5 x 4.7 Inches

This organization box is perfect for keeping cards in shape.

3. Meadowsweet Kitchens Create Your Own Collected Recipes Cookbook - Turquoise & Gray

You can also choose to keep your recipes in a binder instead of a box.

4. C.R. Gibson Black and Gold Faux Leather Recipe Book With Tabbed Dividers and Sheet Protectors, 11'' W x 11.88'' H

I love this leather recipe book! It has sheet protectors to protect your paper cards.

5. AmazonBasics 4 x 6-Inch Ruled Lined White Index Note Cards, 500-Count

A plain index card or notepad will do.

6. Simple Stories Recipe Sticker Tablet

Create a stylish recipe card book with stickers.

7. Bliss Collections Floral Recipe Cards, Double Sided, Coral and Greenery Flower Design for Bridal Shower

The floral design is perfect. They would make great Mother's Day gift ideas.

8. Mason Jar Recipe Cards - 50 Double Sided Cards, 4x6 inches. Thick Card Stock

Mason jars are popular here in Texas. We use them for weddings, baby showers, and more. We can't get enough of them.

This post was originally published on February 24, 2020.

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