Reba McEntire Wants More Females in Country Music

Reba McEntire thinks it’s time for women to take back the top of the charts.

The recent domination of male artists in mainstream country music has been a topic discussed by many in recent months. In a new interview, Reba McEntire says it’s time for young females to step into the spotlight.

“We’ve gotta promote these younger females coming on,” McEntire tells PrideSource. “There’s a bunch that have been lost in the shuffle — female singers — that I don’t know they’ll get a second chance. We just need to get them on the radio.”

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McEntire’s comments come just a few days after this year’s 50th annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Although Miranda Lambert was able to snag four trophies at the ceremony, she was the only female in many of the categories, including Entertainer of the Year.

It’s been a year full of discussion about the current path of country music, with battles for and against bro-country at the forefront. However, with the recent success of young artists like Kacey Musgraves, Mickey Guyton and Maddie and Tae, the wheels are in motion for a return of female domination in country music.

McEntire went on to praise singer-songwriter Brandy Clark, who also had a breakout year amongst the crowd of popular male acts.

“My gosh, that girl! I’ve got three or four songs of hers on my new album,” McEntire said of Clark. “She’s got great material.”

Even with great female talent making a mark on the industry and the country airwaves, the charts are still overwhelmingly dominated by male artists. Still, McEntire thinks the trend will start to shift.

“It’s been good ol’ boy season right now, but it’ll change,” McEntire said. “It’ll go back to more romantic, more females.”

Although the future of country music is hard to predict, it’s hard to argue with someone who has been in the country music industry for nearly forty years and has made such an important strides for female artists. Only time will tell if McEntire’s prediction will materialize or if country will stay male-dominated for the months to come.

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Reba McEntire Wants More Females in Country Music