Reba McEntire Was ‘Ticked Off’ By Look-Alike Drag Queen

The reason why Reba McEntire was upset by a drag queen probably isn’t what you’d expect.

Country powerhouse Reba McEntire has had a long and fruitful career that isn’t stopping any time soon. When you have such a long and successful career, odds are you are going to have more than a few interesting encounters.

“One night in the early 90s, shortly after (my single) ‘Fancy’ came out, I had a gentleman at one of our fan club get-togethers we’d have, and he showed up in full regalia – total drag – and it really ticked me off because his hair and makeup looked better than mine!” McEntire told the Advocate. “I was kinda wantin’ to get tips! But unfortunately I didn’t have time. I had to go and get ready for the show.”
Since that early encounter, McEntire says she’s met many more Reba drag queens and only has positive things to say about them. “Imitation is a huge form of flattery,” she explained.
McEntire is currently promoting her 27th studio album, Love Somebody, which is available in store and online now.

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Reba McEntire Was ‘Ticked Off’ By Look-Alike Drag Queen