Reba McEntire Reveals Divorce Was not Her Idea

In a recent interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, Reba McEntire revealed that her divorce from Narvel Blackstock was not what she wanted.

The couple separated in August of 2015 and the divorce was finalized in October. It was a decision that McEntire says was not of her own doing.

“The divorce was not my idea,” she admits. “I didn’t want it in any shape, form or fashion.”

During the interview, she talked about the struggle of accepting the decision and that the choice came down to everyone’s happiness.

“I just want everybody to be happy in their lives because our lives are too short to be miserable.” McEntire adds, “I just thought it was the best thing to take my marbles and go play somewhere else.

Surely not the path she saw for herself after 26 years of marriage, Reba praises God and a great support system for helping her get through it.

“I prayed every day to help me have the strength to move one foot in front of the other to continue on, she says, “You’ve got to have a great team of people around you that you love and they love you and I’m very blessed to have those people and I thank God for it all.”

Even though the divorce has been hard on her, Reba continues to push forward. She recently released a new single, “Just Like Them Horses.” The song is a tribute to McEntire’s father who passed away in 2014.

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Reba McEntire Reveals Divorce Was not Her Idea