Reba Gets Up Close and Personal for Hilarious Duet on 'Fallon' [WATCH]


One "lucky" audience member on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon experienced what most would consider extreme discomfort.

Daniel Locker wrote the comedic talkshow host asking if Fallon could arrange a "close-up serenade" with none other than the "Queen of Country", Reba McEntire.

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Haven't heard of close-up serenading before? Dan's note explains:

"Hey Jimmy, have you heard of close-up serenading? It's when a singer serenades you with a song but stands only inches away from your face. Can you make that happen for me with Reba McEntire?"

Luckily for Locker, Reba was in the house Aug. 12 to debut her current single "Unit They Don't Love You" on the late-night show. It looks like Reba also had time for some funny business as she appeared behind the curtains to grant Locker his wish.

The country star, along with Fallon, serenade Locker, seated on a stool onstage, with what seems to be a song the two put together for the special occasion, "Just Wanna Spend This Moment". Reba ups the "creep factor" by practically kissing Locker repeatedly and running her hands through his and Fallon's hair. Locker's bashful smile throughout assures no harm was done.

Check out Reba's performance of "Until They Don't Love You" below.

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Reba Gets Up Close and Personal for Hilarious Duet on 'Fallon' [WATCH]