Reba McEntire Says She Actually Didn't Have COVID-19 After All

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During a recent interview with Nancy O'Dell on Talk Shop Live, Reba McEntire clarified her previous statement that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

McEntire explained that, while she had believed she contracted COVID-19 earlier this year, she now believes she had RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), a common respiratory virus with similar symptoms to COVID-19.

"I did say that I had COVID but when I got tested my antibodies -- it came up that I had not had COVID," McEntire said.

The country legend added that she appeared to have a false positive COVID test.

"I had my antibodies from my vaccine," McEntire said. "So I had all the symptoms, so I was kinda probably -- I did get tested, you know the test that I had and it said that I had it but then the nurse that came and tested me for my antibodies said that I probably had the RSV virus."

McEntire initially stated that she and boyfriend Rex Linn had recovered from COVID-19 during a live appearance on TikTok.

"Stay home. Just stay safe. Stay healthy. It's not fun to get this," the country star told her social media followers. "I did get it. Rex [Linn] and I got it and it's not fun. You don't feel good. We were both vaccinated and we still got it, so stay safe, stay home and be protected the best you can."

The recent surge of COVID-19 cases across the nation has McEntire questioning whether her concert itinerary, including one last round of Las Vegas residency gigs with Brooks & Dunn, will go on as scheduled.

"I have no idea what plans for next year are," McEntire admitted. "You know, the COVID thing has really hit hard and spikes are going everywhere right now...and it's all over the we don't have an idea. We have plans right now to go back on tour in January, February and March. We have plans with being with Brooks & Dunn at Caesars in December, the first two weeks, almost three weeks of December, but we don't know if that's going to go. We're just gonna move forward, keep praying that everybody stays safe and healthy, and wear your mask and just be safe."

Covid Act Now reported on Aug. 5 that in McEntire's home state of Oklahoma, there'd been an average of 1,755 confirmed new cases per day (44.4 for every 100,000 residents) over the previous week.

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The 30 minute video also offers a tour of McEntire's home, bird yard and "guard dog" included, plus stripped-down performances of "Fancy" and "I'm a Survivor" and a glimpse at Linn: grill master.

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Reba McEntire Says She Actually Didn't Have COVID-19 After All