What It’s Really Like to Live Off the Grid

Screengrab via YouTube/Seeker Stories

For many, the thought of living off-the-grid sounds exciting, but this way of life is way harder than most people think. It may be considered a simpler way of life, but it doesn’t come without it trials and hardships. Disconnecting from society and cutting off dependency from outside resources is truly hard work.

In this video by Seeker Stories, husband and wife, Esther and Nick Emery, dished on the process of going from city life to completely off-the-grid. They said that their first winter was when they really met obstacles. It was hard on the family because it was so dark, and with it being too cold for the kids to go outside and play, being cooped up in the house started to wear on them a bit.

Could you handle living off-the-grid like the Emery’s?

Esther also explained that she had some failures at first, like when her first bee colony died. She’s also gone through some emotional tribulations in their transition to this lifestyle. Hanging up their homestead experience was definitely on her mind at first, but she’s trying to join in with her husband’s optimism as they move into their second winter.

Thriving off-the-grid is a lot harder than one may think. Their washing machine is powered by a pedal bike. Since water is not to be wasted, the couple and their children bathe about once a week and they have to carry it from its source to their homestead. Nick sews clothes for the whole family and is currently building a larger home for them to live in.

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What It’s Really Like to Live Off the Grid