This Real-Life Bambi Got a Second Chance at a Fairytale Ending


Most people know the tale of Bambi, a deer who tragically loses her mother and receives help from her forest friends. One little fawn faced a similar fate, but had a much happier ending thanks to one caring woman.

According to MLive, Dragon the Piebald whitetail fawn was rejected by its mother shortly after birth. Most Piebald deer have patches of white hair scattered along their bodies, but Dragon's face was entirely covered with white fur. This rare trait makes him harder to protect in the wild, which is likely why his mother attempted to kill the young deer.

Hilary Powell of Cedar Springs, MI sprung into action and quickly adopted the animal as her own. Powell works at Deer Tracks Junction, which houses many deer and other animals, so she was prepared to nurse the tiny fawn back to health.

With such a sweet and innocent appearance, the name "Dragon" may not seem like the best fit. Powell explains that her 19-year-old son was the one who decided he needed a name that sounded a little tougher than the rest of their fawns. After what this sweet little fawn went through, it seems like the name is more than fitting.

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This Real-Life Bambi Got a Second Chance at a Fairytale Ending