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13 Ravioli Fillings To Make At Home That'll Turn Your Kitchen Into a 5-Star Restaurant

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The idea of making ravioli may seem daunting, but once you've got the hang of rolling out pasta, it's pretty easy. Ravioli fillings can, and should, go beyond cheese. Think of ravioli as a pasta pocket for just about anything from meat to fish to veggies and more. Homemade ravioli isn't just for the expert home cook; in fact, fresh pastais one of the easiest ways to start adventuring into the wide world of cooking.

Ravioli Making Basics

Ravioli is just filled pasta, and ravioli dough is just your basic pasta dough made with flour and egg yolks. Use a pasta maker or a rolling pin to roll out sheets of fresh pasta. You cut the pasta into squares or circles, add your ravioli filling, then lay another same-shape piece of pasta on top. Make sure you brush a little bit of water around the edges first, then crimp the edges shut with a fork.

The key to rolling out pasta nice and thin is using a sprinkling of flour on the surface of the dough. The last thing you want is for the dough to be wet and get stuck in the machine, leading to a huge mess.

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

Once you have your ravioli filled, you can freeze them for later or drop them into boiling water to cook. Or you can go for fried ravioli, especially for a fun appetizer. Top your ravioli with tomato sauce or marinara, or try it with alfredo sauce or pesto. The sky's the limit for pasta sauce and ravioli filling combos.

Ready to get creative with your ravioli? Grab the Parmesan, the olive oil, and the all-purpose flour because we're getting crafty in the kitchen. Here are some inspiring ravioli filling recipes to get your sauces boiling.

Our Favorite Ravioli Fillings 

1. Asparagus Ravioli with Pan-Seared Cremini Mushrooms

This is a new way to eat asparagus. Stuffed into whole wheat and homemade pasta sheets, this is a healthy ravioli perfect for your veggie-loving friends. This homemade ravioli recipe completely puts store-bought, frozen ravioli to shame. Top with ground black pepper to serve and voila! Or make it fancy with a garnish of fresh basil.

Get the recipe here from Oh My Veggies.

2. Beetroot and Cashew Ricotta Ravioli

This is the ideal ravioli recipe for your vegan friends. And as a bonus, the vibrant red color of the beet puree creates a bright pasta dough.

The cashew filling is flavorful without being overpowering, and it would even taste delicious in a different kind of ravioli, perhaps pumpkin ravioli or mushroom ravioli, paired with a simple butter sauce.

Get the recipe here from What The Hell Do Vegans Eat.

3. Brown Butter Lobster Ravioli

Brown Butter Lobster Filling Ravioli

Half Baked Harvest

Lobster and shrimp are sautéed in brown butter before being stuffed into homemade pasta pockets for a luxe pasta dish topped with rich tomato cream sauce.

Even if you were to skip the tomato cream sauce and just go straight for a simple drizzle of olive oil, you won't be disappointed.

Get the recipe here from Half Baked Harvest.

4. Brussel Sprout, Fig, and Ricotta Ravioli

Nothing says autumn like the flavors of savory Brussel sprouts and rich, sweet figs. Together, with ricotta cheese, they make sweet and savory ravioli cheese filling that warms and fills the tummy.

A dash of lemon zest atop the steaming bowl of pasta and a generous helping of grated Parmesan cheese is all you need for this luxurious and wholesome Italian dish. Make a double batch of this comfort food to freeze for later!

Get the recipe here from Naturally Ella.

5. Chocolate Cheese Ravioli

If you didn't know dessert ravioli were a thing, consider this your lucky day. Chocolate dough stuffed with sweetened Italian cream cheese is the new way to end a meal.

Get the recipe here from Bella Limento.

6. Crab and Creamy Vino Ravioli

A creamy white wine sauce is the perfect coating for delicate crabmeat and lemon zest-filled ravioli.

Get the recipe here from Better Homes and Gardens.

7. Duck Confit Ravioli Filling

This may sound like a complicated and fancy pasta to master, but it's actually a super easy ravioli filling once the duck is done.

Get the recipe here from Dash of Savory.

8. Fresh Corn Stuffed Ravioli

If fresh corn is out of season, this sweet fluffy pasta recipe is still easily made with canned or frozen corn. Just substitute frozen corn and start stuffing.

Get the recipe here from Love and Olive Oil.

9. Gorgonzola Butternut Squash Ravioli

If you love sweet butternut squash and earthy gorgonzola, you will love this unique pasta recipe.

Get the recipe here from Half Baked Harvest.

10. Pear and Cheese Ravioli Filling

Ripe pears provide the perfect sweetness to cut the creaminess of the cheese in this pear and cheese ravioli. You just need a food processor and a few key ingredients! Make it gluten-free with gluten-free flour.

Get the recipe here from Saveur.

11. Zucchini and Sausage Ravioli

This ravioli filling is a light and fresh twist on a meat lover's dream. Sautéed Italian sausage and zucchini are inexpensive and delicious way to stuff homemade pasta or wonton wrappers if you're short on time. Add a sprinkling of red pepper flakes for a kick!

Get the recipe here from Budget Bites.

12. Shitake and Arugula Ravioli

Italian and Asian flavors come together in this fusion dish for a ravioli filling made with shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, and tahini.

Get the recipe here from No Recipes.

13. Sweet Potato Ravioli Filling

Sweet potatoes are available year-round, so this is a great recipe to keep in your back pocket for when you're craving something rich and still easy to whip together.

Get the recipe here from Whitney Bond.