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Man Stumbles Upon Two Rattlesnakes Battling It Out in His Backyard

One man in Rio Verde, Ariz. got the surprise of his life when he found two massive rattlesnakes battling it out in his yard. Naturally, he did what every responsible homeowner would do and grabbed his camera to begin recording.

The battle took place at night and lasted for a whopping three hours. While this may seem like an amazing amount of time, experts say they this is actually pretty common. In fact, this type of thing is rather typical when the weather starts to cool down for winter.

"They have to go out and get last meals, some of them mate, and they have to travel to the place where they're going to spend the winter," Bryan Hughes, the owner of Rattlesnake Solutions told ABC15 News.

You can see footage of the epic battle below.

While this epic rattlesnake battle on their back porch is epic enough in itself, there is actually more to this story. Eventually, the homeowners called out Rattlesnake Solutions to remove the snakes from the yard. To their surprise, the company actually found a third rattlesnake! The company removed all three safely and relocated to a more snake-friendly part of town.

Naturally, if you do see something like this going on, you should definitely keep your distance. Better yet, call your local snake wrangler and let them handle the situation. These snakes may be cool to watch, but they are distinctly dangerous creatures.

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