Man Tries to Kiss Rattlesnake and Instantly Regrets It

One rather unwise Florida man ended up with a life-threatening snake bite after trying to lay one on a rattler. Yes, really.

According to Action News Jax, Putnam County, Fla. resident Ron Reinold ended up in the hospital after finding a rattlesnake and trying to give it a smooch. Naturally, that didn't go so well for him. The snake responded in the way you'd expect, giving Reinold a nasty bite on the tongue. (Insert your own french kissing joke here.)

The bite was so severe that the man was in critical condition when he was flown by helicopter to the hospital. CBS News reports that a neighbor had spotted the snake and put it in a tank. The next day, Reinold was playing with that snake when the biting incident occurred. Thankfully, Reinold is recovering well, even though he learned a rather hard lesson.

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This story serves as a great reminder to never, ever mess with a wild rattlesnake. If you spot one near your home, call an expert to help remove it safely. And if you hadn't figured it out already, being able to say you've kissed a rattler is definitely not worth all the expensive medical bills.

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