EXCLUSIVE: Rascal Flatts to Appear in Cars 3

The band plans to appear in the upcoming Pixar movie, Cars 3.

Rascal Flatts are busy guys. The trio, made up of Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus, are currently in Las Vegas, enjoying their first residency at the Hard Rock Cafe. But while they spend time in Sin City, while also promoting their 35th Top 40 single, "Riot," the guys are plotting a return to the big screen, for the upcoming movie, Cars 3.

"At the end of last year, we went to [director] John Lasseter's house, and met with him," Rooney tells Wide Open Country. "He's interested .. they're starting on Cars 3, and he wants to get us in it."

The guys recorded "Life Is a Highway," in 2006 for the original Cars movie, which became a Top 10 single. Although they didn't appear in Cars 2, they hope to expand their involvement for the third installment of the Pixar film.

"It would be cool to be a voice over or something, try to be a car or something," Rooney adds. "We haven't got anything worked out yet, but yeah, we're definitely going to be working on Cars 3, which they're starting now."

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Their hopeful segue into a larger role on the big screen is only part of the way the band hopes to evolve over the next few years.

"I think there is a newness to Rascal Flatts right now," Rooney acknowledges. "It's part of this evolution. I think if you have any type of lengthy career in any facet of entertainment, or any kind of work you do, you've got to reinvent yourself. It may be a strong word, but you have to evolve. You have to change. You have to keep it fresh."

"We've all grown, as husbands, fathers, as bandmates, as friends, brothers in Rascal Flatts," he continues. "I think it's helped us get to this place where we're prepared for the next step, wherever this journey's going to take us, we're ready for it."

Still, Rooney admits juggling everyone's schedules is perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome.

"We thought we were busy," he adds. "We met John Lasseter. He's a pretty busy guy."

Rascal Flatts residency in Las Vegas wraps up on March 14. A list of their remaining dates is available on their website.


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EXCLUSIVE: Rascal Flatts to Appear in Cars 3