Rare ‘UFO’ Cloud Formations Spotted Above Texas

These crazy looking cloud formations caused a stir when they appeared in the skies above Texas.

We’ve all seen some pretty crazy looking clouds in the sky. Sometimes they are puffy white clouds that are highlighted in different colors during a sunset, or blankets of dark and scary clouds that emerge during severe weather outbreaks. In the skies over Texas this past weekend, there were some strange looking clouds that appeared and caused a stir on social media.

A local meteorologist shared some photos of clouds that look similar in shape to UFO’s, which had been spotted by some local viewers. These clouds, known as lenticular clouds, sometimes appear after severe weather pushes through an area.

According to ABC30, they are formed when cold air is pushed upwards and cooled down to form a cloud. They are most commonly seen near mountain regions when cold air is regularly pushed upwards into the atmosphere.

After a weekend filled with severe weather in Texas, some residents weren’t sure if the strange clouds were a sign of more bad weather ahead. Thankfully, there’s nothing harmful or scary about these lenticular clouds, but they are definitely interesting to look at. The post that included the photos of the clouds over Robertson and Leon Counties has now been liked over 84,000 times and shared by over 100,000 people.

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Rare ‘UFO’ Cloud Formations Spotted Above Texas