Bizarre Cloud Phenomenon Occurs in Skies Over Georgia and South Carolina

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

Folks in Georgia and South Carolina were in for quite a shock on Monday morning when they came out of their homes and gazed up into the bizarre sky.

At first glance, some may have thought the world was ending, and the ocean had risen to the sky. But it turns out that the world wasn’t ending [sigh…] According to, the strange formation was a mixture of two rare and breathtaking meteorological phenomenons called “Undulatus Asperatus” and “Roll Clouds.”

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Undulatus Asperatus, which means “agitated waves” in Latin, is a thick canopy of clouds that resembles the ocean’s waves. It usually occurs before a thunderstorm when wind gusts sail at cloud level and create a wind sheer that produces a wavy motion. This type of cloud formation has yet to be officially recognized by the World Meteorological Organization, however, after the commotion on Monday, that might not be the case anymore.
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The second element of this trippy sky scene is the presence of roll clouds. These crazy clouds look like giant versions of your mama’s kitchen rolling pin and are the result of air circulating a horizontal axis.  These tumbling clouds are typically associated with a cold front or thunderstorm and are not connected to the bottom of the cumulonimbus cloud. Their created wherever the gust of wind from the storm leads them, so they often appear in the area after the thunderstorm has passed or in an area nearby.

Our universe’s celestial beauty and mystery never cease to amaze!

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Bizarre Cloud Phenomenon Occurs in Skies Over Georgia and South Carolina