Rare 'Albino' Bluebonnets Spotted in Texas Hill Country

In Texas, bluebonnets are coming into full bloom. While you may be used to rolling fields sprinkled with drops of blue, this Texas flower can be also seen in another hue.

Reddit user iovulca recently shared a photo of an "albino" bluebonnet that was spotted in Marble Falls, and it's definitely a sight to see.

Found a patch of white bluebonnets near my place in Marble Falls! There were about twenty of them, and light blue ones as well. from texas

This beautiful and rare phenomenon is the result of a genetic anomaly. According to KLUV, the color comes as a result of a genetic mutation. That change affects the blue pigment that makes bluebonnets so recognizable. They are rare, but not impossible to find.

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If these white bluebonnets take root close to regular bluebonnets, it is likely they will return to their normal color during the next blooming season. But they could also evolve to various different shades of blue are possible as well due to this mutation.

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Are you in need of some new family photos? You might want to head over to Marble Falls while these beautiful flowers are still in bloom.

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