Just How Patriotic Is Your State? This List Will Tell You.

It's almost Fourth of July weekend, which means American flags and patriotic decor will soon be seen all over the country. But how many of us feel that sense of pride for our country on a daily basis?

To find out, WalletHub, a financial resource company, conducted a study to compare just how patriotic each state's residents really are. This was determined by analyzing voting habits, military engagement and civic education. According to the study, in 2011, 38 percent of Americans said the U.S. was the best country in the world; but that number dropped down to only 28 percent two years later. Although the overall level of national patriotism seems to be on the decline, some states are still full of residents who feel proud to be Americans.


Virginia came out on top in terms of patriotism, followed by Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Alaska. New York ranked last in overall patriotism and voting participation, with New Jersey following closely behind. Both states had very low rates of veterans per capita, which may have been a big factor in their less-than-stellar rankings.

"Good patriots are engaged citizens who know their country's history, follow its involvement in current events, and devote time and energy to its success," Lydia Moland, an associate professor of philosophy at Colby College who participated in the study, said.

To read the full list of rankings from the study, visit WalletHub.

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Just How Patriotic Is Your State? This List Will Tell You.