See Randy Travis and Tammy Wynette’s Stunning Merle Haggard Cover

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Although it’s been 26 years since Randy Travis and Tammy Wynette took the stage for this performance, it’s still as moving as ever.

There are few performers in the country music world as individually beloved as Travis and Wynette. The two stars joined forces to record “We’re Strangers Again” in 1990. The emotional and purely country track originally recorded by Merle Haggard and Leona Williams nearly a decade earlier. The collaboration was featured on Travis’ much beloved duet album Heroes & Friends, which quickly hit number one.

The pair decided to release the song as a single the following year, and performed the heartbreaking track on Late Night with David Letterman. The result was an unforgettable performance that showed off the power and clarity of both artists’ voices.

We sadly lost Wynette in 1998 while Travis is still recovering from a near-deadly stroke. However, we’re lucky to still have this incredible moment documented. It’s easy to take for granted just how mind-blowing each of their voices were. Incredibly, this duet manages to elevate both of their individual talents.

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Crafting a good duet is especially difficult with two voices as strong as Travis’ and Wynette’s. Their years of experience and pure talent allow them to create a seamless blend that flows perfectly together. Yes, it’s tragic that we’ll never get to see this collaboration on stage again. Still, it’s a beautiful piece of country music history that’s more than worth revisiting.

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See Randy Travis and Tammy Wynette’s Stunning Merle Haggard Cover