Randy Travis Stars Alongside 'Voice' Alum in New Film 'The Price'

Randy Travis is set to appear in a new film called The Price, acting along his wife Mary and The Voice alum James Dupré. Filmed prior to Travis' debilitating stroke in 2013, The Price may potentially be the last film we see Travis in -- at least for a while.

Travis plays the role of Roy Taggart, a washed-up country star who hopes to find redemption in his illegitimate son who wins a singing competition on television called "The Price." Dupré, who plays the son, called working with Travis a "dream come true."

Duper told Rolling Stone Country that Travis was as nice as could be. "Before I even had a chance to worry, he came up to me and shook my hand, pulled out his guitar and said he wanted to show me a new song he'd written," says Dupré. "I couldn't believe it! So we jammed out for a bit, then went to work."

One of country's most beloved voices, Randy Travis paved a hall of fame career both in music and acting. Prior to his stroke in 2013, Travis sold more than 25 million albums, landed 22 No. 1 hits and acted in more than 40 films and television shows.

Travis will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this fall. When his induction was announced in March, his wife Mary Davis shared the miraculous news that they expect Travis to make a full recovery, slowly but surely. Travis is currently relearning to write, sing and play guitar.

The Price will be available on DVD and Netflix on June 15.

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Randy Travis Stars Alongside 'Voice' Alum in New Film 'The Price'