Randy Travis No Place Like Home
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Randy Travis Unveils Unreleased 'No Place Like Home' Music Video From the '80s


The unveiling of a digitally enhanced music video from the mid-'80s for Randy Travis' "No Place Like Home" began a busy Wednesday (Oct. 13) for the Country Music Hall of Fame member. The video's premiere on CMT, CMT Music, CMT.com and the ViacomCBS Billboard in Times Square preceded Garth Brooks presenting Travis with a CMT Artist of a Lifetime award during the network's annual Artists of the Year broadcast from Nashville.

Songwriter Paul Overstreet's "No Place Like Home" was the fourth single and fourth Top 10 hit from Travis' genre re-defining debut album, 1986's Storms of Life.

Director Michele Mahrer's vision serves a similar role as Travis' voice, with both injecting raw emotion into Overstreet's lyrics.

"I hope the message that the viewer takes with them is that when things in life appear hopeless... find a way," said Randy Travis in a press release. "Appreciate what you have, be mindful of God's blessings in your life. Think twice, or more, before you close and lock the door. Cherish, hold tight to that which is dear. Your heart, and your hat, hang at home. Be slow to blame and fast to forgive--pray the same from others...we all need it!"


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Storms of Life was recently reissued for its 35th anniversary with "No Place Like Home," "Diggin' Up Bones," "On the Other Hand" and other album tracks remastered. Three unreleased songs from the vault were tacked onto the tracklist.

As for his CMT honor, Travis became just the sixth Artist of a Lifetime honoree, following Reba McEntire (2019), Loretta Lynn (2018), Shania Twain (2016), Kenny Rogers (2015) and Merle Haggard (2014).


"No Place Like Home" Lyrics

Well there's my easy chair
Just sittin' there
I've spent a lot of time
Thinkin' of this perfect love
I know is yours and mine And oh how I love
That old picture on the wall
Of you and me and the kids
My most favorite times in life
I've spent right here where we live

There's no place like home
There's no place like home
It just hit me
As I was leaving
There's no place like home

From the bedroom
I smell perfume
My favorite kind your wore
And it brings back memories
Of all those nights
Behind our bedroom door

And the saddest thing
I think I've ever seen
Was my closet all cleaned out
It's sad to think
That one must leave
Cause we can't work things out


There's no place like home
There's no place like home
It just hit me
As I was leaving
There's no place like home

So baby say that I can stay
For just a day or so
Then maybe I can change your mind
And I won't have to go

Just look into
These baby blues
And tell me it's okay
I love that smile
It drives me wild
No love won't die today

There's no place like home
There's no place like home


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