See Randy Travis and Josh Turner Team Up for 'Deeper Than the Holler'

Randy Travis and Josh Turner are known for their instantly recognizable voices. When the two came together for an incredible television special, both of their talents were brought to the forefront.

It can be difficult for two talented artists to mesh their voices together in a duet setting. Although their voices are both powerful on their own, they hit a new level of greatness in this rendition of "Deeper Than the Holler."

The track was a huge hit for Travis in 1988, and has become one of the most widely-beloved singles of his career. In this special duet version, taken from CMT's Cross Country television series in 2006, the two hitmakers take turns in the spotlight.

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Just 7 years later, Travis suffered a devastating stroke that almost cost him his life. After undergoing surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, the country star has been on the road to recovery. He is still undergoing physical therapy, and while he is unable to perform, he has made multiple public appearances over the past year.

Josh Turner is preparing to release his sixth studio album, and recently released his new single, "Hometown Girl."

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See Randy Travis and Josh Turner Team Up for 'Deeper Than the Holler'