Randy Houser Ousts Out-of-Control Fan at Kentucky Concert

Screengrab via YouTube

Randy Houser has no patience when it comes to out of control fans at his concerts.

During his Nov. 20 concert in Corbin, KY, Houser spotted a fan causing a fight with other fans in the rows near the stage. “Hey brother, cut that s*** out right now, would you?” Houser said from the stage as he wrapped his song “Fired Up.”

The fan apparently had no interest in calming down, which led Houser to signal his band to pause their set so he could address the situation. “Hey… HEY!” Houser yelled, pointing down to the crowd. “In the Ford hat … you got to go, son,” the singer proclaimed. “You’re trying to… we don’t have none of that s*** here. We’re here to have a good time.”

The crowd cheered in support of Houser’s request for security to remove the aggressive concertgoer. Houser waited a few moments for guards to escort the unwelcome fan out of the venue before he returned back to his spot behind the microphone.

“Sorry, y’all,” Houser said after the chaos died down. “There’s an a–hole in every crowd.”

You can see Houser as he addresses the crowd during the Kentucky show in the video below. Warning: the video contains graphic language.

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Randy Houser Ousts Out-of-Control Fan at Kentucky Concert