RaeLynn's Husband
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RaeLynn Reveals Her Husband is Headed to Basic Training

In a special Valentine's Day message, RaeLynn announced that her husband, Josh, had joined the military.

She revealed the news in the caption of a sweet photo on her Instagram page. The 22-year-old gushed over her partner for supporting her career over the years. Now that Josh is leaving for basic training, she's happy to cheer him on.

"Important: My husband has always supported me in everything that I've wanted to do," she wrote. "Yesterday began a new adventure for us. Joshua left for basic training to serve in our military and serve his Country. Saying I'm proud doesn't scratch the surface of how I feel. I love his heart and the man that he is more and more every single day. I married up in every way."

Josh and RaeLynn have only been married for a year, but they dated long before tying the knot. They got married in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that had over 300 guests, including Blake Shelton, RaeLynn's former coach on The Voice. She wore what she called a "princess dress" and the two have been posting adorable pictures on social media ever since.

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RaeLynn will stay plenty busy while her husband is away. She's joining Shelton on his Doin' It To Country Songs Tour which kicks off this Thursday (Feb. 16) in California. Sundance Head is also on the bill for that show, so it's basically a live The Voice reunion.

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