The Raelyn Nelson Band Shares Fierce, Fun Video For 'Mama Cry'

Although its namesake may have gotten more attention lately for mmhmm, a duo with Hannah Fairlight that relies on shock value, the Raelyn Nelson Band's new song "Mama Cry" goes for sentimentality instead of scandal.

Nelson's mama cries over a child not quite prepared to leave Tennessee and take on the world. Her sad story gets told in a bratty, upbeat punk rock song that sounds like something off the Clueless soundtrack. Think The Muffs with a Southern accent.

This all comes from a band fronted by the granddaughter of Willie Nelson. Like Lukas Nelson, her rocking sound shuns the stigma that comes with a famous surname -- without sounding out of place at Willie's annual 4th of July Picnic Festival.

Raelyn co-wrote the song with her little sister Scout, the RNB tour manager. It's about leaving the nest, even if it worries your loved ones. Sometimes, after you realize "why why why" mama feels the need to "cry cry cry," it's still worth chasing grown-up dreams on the road.

While the singer puts on a performance that should make Grandpa proud, it's guitarist Jonathan Bright's jaw-dropping skills that'll make a lot of country/garage rockers green with jealousy.

For a taste of the Raelyn Nelson Band's sense of humor, check out their other music videos. In addition to this rapid-fire blitz of visual gags, there's also a hyper-active musical take on John Michael Montgomery's "The Grundy Country Auction Incident."

There's definitely the makings of a dirty garage rock band that totally slays live, so keep an eye on their busy tour schedule while we all wait patiently for the band's debut album to hit digital outlets.

Raelyn Nelson Band Tour Dates

Aug. 4 -- Hummingbird Stage -- Macon, Ga.

Aug. 17 -- Exit In -- Nashville, Tenn.

Aug. 18 -- Tidball's --Bowling Green, Ky.

Aug. 24-25 -- HempFest --Harmony, Maine

Aug. 31 -- The Muddy Roots Festival -- Cookeville, Tenn.

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The Raelyn Nelson Band Shares Fierce, Fun Video For 'Mama Cry'