Radney Foster Releases Poignant, Anti-Fascism Video for ‘All That I Require’

Radney Foster

Few country songwriters today have a way with words and melody like Radney Foster. Though he spends more of his time producing and writing than performing lately, Foster just released one hell of a statement.

In a new song called “All That I Require,” Foster uses the lessons of history to warn about the current political climate. “This is a cautionary tale,” Foster says in a press release. “The voices of extremism and fascism are ringing loudly in our current political climate. Demagogues have historically risen to power by stoking fears during hard times.”

Foster doesn’t name names, but he’s clearly referencing the much-maligned platform of presidential candidate Donald Trump. The chorus speaks volumes. Foster sings, “I’ll make us strong again / you’ll sleep safely in your beds / I’ll rain down hell upon those dirty mongrels’ heads / Your pantries will be full / And your faith will be inspired / And the blood of all your children is all that I require.”

The video features historical footage of, basically, all the times in recent history a society let their fears create disasters. Hitler, Stalin and Japanese internment during WWII make appearances.

The second verse is even more terrifying. In it, Foster sings, “But I told you who I am / And when it’s too late to resist / Remember you’re the one / Who chose this scorpion to kiss.”

Foster burst onto the scene in the 1980s with duo Foster & Lloyd. Then, his 1991 debut album Del Rio, TX 1959 cemented him as a songwriting star. He’s traversed both the Texas country and Nashville country scenes effortlessly, developing Texas talents like Randy Rogers along the way.

Foster has a new album coming in 2017, along with a collection of short stories in the works.

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Radney Foster Releases Poignant, Anti-Fascism Video for ‘All That I Require’