Racoon Spotted Riding Piggyback on Alligator in Florida

The Internet is full of strange and crazy animal pictures, but this one is almost too good to be true.

Websites like Reddit were buzzing about this hilarious picture of a raccoon riding piggyback on an alligator. The odd pairing seems like something that would only happen in a cartoon or movie, which made many people question if it really happened. So what's the real story behind this amazing yet puzzling photo?

According to central Florida news station WFTV, Richard Jones and his family were walking along the Ocklawaha River when Jones' son began to walk through some brush to snap a photo. The noise startled a nearby raccoon who instantly jumped on the back of the nearby alligator. The resulting photo captured a fleeting moment in time that isn't something you see every day.

"I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and before the raccoon jumped off and scurried away," Jones told WFTV. "Without the context, you'd think the raccoon was hitching a ride across the river. Pretty amazing."

Although the story and authenticity of the photo haven't been confirmed, this is one image sure to be passed around the internet for months to come.

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Racoon Spotted Riding Piggyback on Alligator in Florida