Quadruple Rainbow Spotted Over NYC

New Yorkers capture the natural beauty of a triple rainbow via Instagram and Twitter.  

This morning New York City locals searched for not one, but four pots of gold.

"I didn't realize how rare it was, I just knew it was beautiful," Amanda Curtis told CBS on Tuesday morning. "My train was coming, but I just took out my snapped a quick photo and ran after my train."

The city was taken aback by the rare sighting of a quadruple rainbow, sighted after the end of a storm. Curtis' tweet was the first of many images to go viral, as NYC became draped in rainbows.

From the looks of it, the rainbows seem to be a scene stolen from the pages of a fairytale.

On Long Island, double and quadruple rainbows were also spotted. NYC is being taken over by leprechaun fever.


"What Does It Mean?!" a  CBS New York Headline ominously stated.

Whether the rainbows bring good luck, pots of gold or just the hope of sunshine, the natural beauty of them is certainly stunning.

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Quadruple Rainbow Spotted Over NYC